Flanged type rubber elbow joint 90 degree

Name:Flanged type rubber elbow joint 90 degree
Apply in:water,warm water,Sea Water etc
Material:Neoprene,ButyI,Nitrile,EPDM,Hypalon,Natural Rubber
Application:handling water, warm water, seawater, weak acids, alkalies, etc
Advantages 1:Optimum solution with short installation lengths able to absorb large movements due to high flexibility
Advantages 2:Capable of absorbing axial, lateral, angular and torsional movements in combination
Advantages 3:Reduces the effects of water hammer
Advantages 4:Safe, reliable, durable and mainte­nance free
Advantages 5:Chemical and corrosion resistant
Advantages 6:High flexibility/low stiffness
Advantages 7:Vacuum and pressure proof
Advantages 8:Can accommodate pipe mis-alignment
Advantages 9:Can be used to dampen vibrations and reduce noise levels in pipe systems

  • Flanged type rubber elbow joint 90 degree