The Stem Trap

The Stem Trap

The stem trap is a new type of full-automatic zero leakage trap. Under the condition of no other power, this product uses the floating ball and lever balance principle to realize the gas water separation of natural gas mine and automatic discharge of water (liquid) deposited in natural gas storage tank. There is no natural gas leakage in the process of discharge and water (liquid). It can adapt to various working conditions and has the best energy saving and environmental protection effect.

一、 Functional features

1. Full automatic continuous operation, discharge when there is water, close automatically when there is no water, and discharge rate of ponding (liquid) is 100%

2. Tight gas blocking, no natural gas leakage, and the leakage rate is zero

3. Automatic settlement of pollutants, regular discharge, strong anti pollution ability, no blocking phenomenon

4. The internal parts are made of stainless steel, and the inner wall of the valve body is treated with anti-corrosion treatment, which has a long service life

5. Convenient installation, no debugging, stable operation, no noise, safe and reliable.

二、 Selection of stem trap

1. The maximum working pressure of the drain point should not exceed the upper limit of the working pressure listed in Table 1, otherwise the drain valve may produce self-locking and fail to work.

2. The discharge capacity listed in Table 1 refers to the discharge capacity for one hour when reaching the corresponding upper limit of working pressure. According to the working pressure of actual working conditions and the non-uniformity of liquid production, the user should select the discharge capacity specification in the table according to 2-5 times of the actual average hourly liquid production. The larger the difference between the actual working pressure and the upper limit value, the more uneven the liquid production, and the larger the liquid production in a short period of time, the higher the discharge multiple.

3、 Installation of stem trap

In the new well opening project, the installation of stem trap should be carried out after the completion of the main project, system pressure test and pipeline purging. If the pressure test and pipeline purging are carried out after the installation of the steam trap, the natural gas steam trap should be isolated from the system, and the bypass pipeline should be used for purging, so as to avoid the internal pollution of the steam trap

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